Legit sex dolls vendors

Legit Sex Dolls Vendors

The quest for a legit sex dolls vendors can be extremely complicated. Do not underestimate this task! Before buying my first doll, I did A LOT of researches: I compared prices, analyzed different websites, looked for errors on them, I called them, I emailed them, I asked them questions for which I already knew the answer. I tested them.

Not only did I test their customer service for you but I also collected testimonies from real customers. All vendors pretend to be the best. Only genuine customers can confirm if it reflects reality or not.

Legit sex dolls vendors.
Here is how I evaluated the sex dolls vendors that I list on my website

Phone number: Do they have one?
Answer quality: Did they answer the phone? Were the answers accurate and satisfactory?

Email address: Do they have one?
Answer quality: How fast did they reply? Were the answers accurate and satisfactory? They didn’t know but, I already knew the answer to the questions I have asked them!

Do they have third-party reviews? Where is it hosted? Are they real or fake?

Customers recommendations: I surfed the web, looked into forums everywhere to see what real customers have to say about them. I also invited people to write to me about their experiences with their vendors. I do not allow any fake reviews. I require purchase receipts.

Is the store only virtual or is it a real one?

A summary of my impressions.

Legit sex dolls vendors
As you may already know, there are many scammers in the sex dolls vendors world. Here is how you can classify the vendors:

Platinum vendors
They reply within a few hours only. Sometimes it is even within a few minutes. Their customer service is faultless. Their replies are honest and precise. Their website is trustworthy and does not use pressure sale methods, false discounts nor deceitful information. Things go south? They have your back. It is the Rolls-Royce of all vendors.

My searches led me to realize there was only 1 website in this category: sexdolls-shop.com
No other website comes near the quality of this vendor.

Legit vendors
Your usual legit vendor. They will get you an authentic doll. Their customer service may be good or average. They usually take 20 hours + to reply to your emails. They may have your back in case of issues but it is not 100% sure, however, they will get you an authentic doll.

Legit but be careful
They sell authentic dolls but they do not provide all the correct data. They will probably sell their dolls at a lower price but their website is often deceitful. As an example, they could lead you to think that you can purchase a WMdoll customized in China and receive it 10 days later. They could also let you think you can buy a SEDoll 161cm F cup for $1100. When you check carefully, they will sell you a 100cm doll for that price. I personally think these vendors are to avoid. They often use false discounts (boosted price with a stunning 20% discount!) or use lame pressure sales techniques. (Only 2 left! Etc.)

They sell cheap copies of popular dolls. They use stolen pictures to sell sex dolls that do not look like the ones on the pictures at all. They usually reply super fast, which lets you think they are legit. They will totally let you down once they got your money. They are to avoid. Do not fall for their lies.

Legit sex dolls vendors – trusted sex dolls websites

Edit May 6 2023. I have recently remove sexdollgenie.com from this list. If I have good prooves that a vendor lower its customer service quality, I will remove them from this list.

It is sooooo difficult to find honnest vendors, it is incredible how difficult it is.

1 – sexdolls-shop.com review

Legit sex dolls vendors

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Legit sex dolls vendors ? – I will tell you!