Legit sex dolls vendors

Legit Sex Dolls Vendors

The quest for a legitimate sex doll vendor can be extremely complicated. Do not underestimate this task! Before buying my first doll, I conducted extensive research: I compared prices, analyzed different websites, looked for errors, called and emailed vendors, and asked questions for which I already knew the answers to test them.

Not only did I evaluate their customer service for you, but I also gathered testimonies from real customers. All vendors claim to be the best. Only genuine customer feedback can confirm whether this claim reflects reality

Legit sex dolls vendors.
Here is how I evaluated the sex dolls vendors that I list on my website

Phone number: Do they have one?
Answer quality: Did they answer the phone? Were the answers accurate and satisfactory?

Email address: Do they have one?
Answer quality: How fast did they reply? Were the answers accurate and satisfactory? They didn’t know but, I already knew the answer to the questions I have asked them!

Do they have third-party reviews? Where is it hosted? Are they real or fake?

Customers recommendations: I researched extensively online and explored various forums to gather real customer opinions about these vendors. I also invited people to share their experiences with me directly. To ensure authenticity, I do not allow fake reviews and require proof of purchase, such as receipts.

Is the store only virtual or is it a real one?

A summary of my impressions.

Legit sex dolls vendors
As you may already know, the world of sex doll vendors is fraught with scammers. Here’s how you can classify the vendors:

Platinum vendors
They typically reply within a few hours, and sometimes even within minutes. Their customer service is faultless—honest and precise responses are standard. Their website is trustworthy and free from high-pressure sales tactics, false discounts, or deceitful information. Should anything go wrong, they have your back. It is the Rolls-Royce of vendors.

My research made it clear that there is only one website in this category that stands out: sexdolls-shop.com. No other website approaches the quality offered by this vendor.

Legit vendors
This is your typical legitimate vendor. They will provide you with an authentic doll. Their customer service ranges from good to average, and they usually take over 20 hours to reply to emails. While they might support you in case of issues, it’s not a guarantee. However, you can be confident that you’ll receive an authentic doll.

Legit but be careful
They sell authentic dolls, but their website often lacks accurate information. They may offer dolls at lower prices, but be wary as their website can be misleading. For example, they might suggest that a custom WMdoll ordered from China could be received in just 10 days, or that a SEDoll 161cm F cup is available for $1100, when in reality, they are offering a 100cm doll at that price. I personally believe such vendors should be avoided due to their misleading sales tactics, such as artificially inflated prices followed by ‘stunning’ 20% discounts, or high-pressure tactics like ‘Only 2 left!’ claims.

They sell cheap imitations of popular dolls, using stolen pictures to misrepresent their products. These sex dolls look nothing like the ones advertised. While they may respond quickly to inquiries, giving the impression of legitimacy, their service deteriorates drastically once they have your money. Such vendors should be avoided at all costs. Do not be deceived by their false promises.

Legit sex dolls vendors – trusted sex dolls websites

Edit May 6, 2023: I have recently removed sexdollgenie.com from this list. If I obtain solid proof that a vendor’s customer service quality has declined, I will remove them.

Edit February 15, 2024: I removed siliconewives.com from this list. Despite generating many sales for them over the past two years, they have failed to compensate me. I contacted them five times and gave them two months to respond. If they can’t fulfill their financial obligations to affiliates, how will they handle your needs if you encounter issues with your doll?

Edit April 15, 2024: I removed sexdolls.com from this list for similar reasons. After two years of successful referrals, they have not compensated me. This market is fraught with dishonesty. If they cannot honor small financial commitments to their affiliates, their customer support is likely to be just as unreliable.

It is incredibly difficult to find honest vendors. Since the beginning of my blog, I have removed three vendors from this list. While new dodgy vendors are sprouting up like weeds, finding established and reputable vendors is becoming increasingly challenging.

1 – sexdolls-shop.com review

Legit sex dolls vendors

2- Finelovedolls.com review

finelovedolls.com review

3 – The Doll House.com review


4 – Male-sexdolls.com review

is male-sexdolls.com legit?

Legit sex dolls vendors ? – I will tell you!