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Here is my review. is an established vendor selling authentic dolls. They mention Tom’s blog as one of the only legitimate sex dolls reviewers out there which is a very good sign.

There are not much feedbacks on them, which is not a bad thing. You hear no outstanding comments but you hear no bad reviews as well. I recall seeing many people discussing their convenient clothing chart.

They do not have any third-party reviews.

My review!

Their shop is uniquely virtual.
They replied to my email 4.5 hours after I sent it. This is very acceptable. The answer was correct. They did not give me the full information I would have expected however, the recommendations were correct.

They have an extensive and convenient doll filter and some very well-done guides for doll maintenance, how to spot scammers, the clothes size.

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My review
15 / 20 My Review
  • Established vendor
  • Very good filter/search engine
  • Very informative charts and articles
  • No physical address
  • No phone number
Their website is very informative and I have the feeling they are very honest. The good score comes mostly because of their very informative website and I, unfortunately, lack some real customer feedback for this website.
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This vendor is: Legit vendor