is legit?

Is legit?

Is legit? Find out below!

They do have third-party reviews that are hosted on the review website itself and the comments are all very good.

They use stolen pictures from legit factories to sell their cheap copies. They let you think you will buy a high-quality doll when in fact, you are buying a low-quality knock-off doll.

It looks like Chinese counterfeiters have rented a warehouse in the US and are storing them there because many scammers now claim to have “In-stock” dolls for US customers.

You need to stay away from that type of website, they are really the worst type. Their customer service will be fast, fantastic even… until you paid. Once they have your money, it’s over.

Tom’s blog shows you good examples of how counterfeit dolls compare to legit dolls.

Is legit? To help me find out, I have asked them these questions:

Can you please tell me if this is the original WMdoll?

Could you please send me factory pictures of this doll?
I am VERY interested in buying her?

They replied with a bunch of bullshit.
See below.

Hello Mark:

Yes this is the original WMdoll.
Please click here: Tori Premium TPE Sex Doll(Factory Photos)
If you have any questions, please feel free to communicate, thank you.

Best Wish,

First, it is not an original WMdoll. This is a lie, I have asked the factory themselves.
Second, They then send me to a page that is not available to the public, that shows factory pictures that were stolen from WMDolls. In terms of scammers, this reaches new heights.

Their reply was quick though.

To be clear, you will never ever find authentic brands for that price. Any website that is promising you a $2000 doll at a 65% discount is straight lying to you. This should be your very first red light. They want you to believe that you are skipping the middle man and by doing so, you are saving big.

It is not the case, you are in fact buying from a factory that is producing cheap counterfeit and the person who is selling you these knock-off sex dolls is a professional scammer. He will tell you anything you wish to hear to sell you his crap.

is legit?

Of course, you could think that you don’t care if you buy a cheap copy. At least you will save and the doll will be resembling the one you wish to buy.

is legit

All the dolls in the screenshot above are in fact sold for $1000 more by legit vendors. Buying one of these would be like buying an iPhone from a shop in Bangkok. They are cheap, but the quality is far from being the same.

My review
2.4 / 20 My Review
  • Use stolen pictures
  • No telephone number
  • No physical address
  • Liars
  • All their "reviews" are fake
You need to avoid this type of website. They will bullshit you until you give them your money and then send you a piece of garbage.
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Is legit?

This vendor is: Scammers