Is legit?

Is legit?

Here is my review

Is legit?

Legitimacy is not a word that applies to this website. They stole absolutely everything single picture and video that you can see on their website. They use that stolen content to sell their cheap pieces of trash. Every single line of text on that website is a lie. No specs correspond to the real specs from the authentic brands.

Although they have been selling dolls for a long time now, they have no reviews whatsoever. They have a review video page but it is empty. Let’s be positive: at least they didn’t steal anything to fill that page.

The physical address they give is useless and the telephone number is a Chinese one. Good luck to you when it will be time to contact their customer service.

Their “About Us” section is at least as boring as any of Justin Trudeau’s speeches. You haven’t read it but you already know what’s in there.

“We are a group of doll’s enthusiasts” blah blah blah. 😴
“Our goal is to offer the best dolls at the best price” blah blah blah. 😴😴
“We are the best in the world, authorized vendor, legit factory” blah blah blah. 😴😴😴

Is legit?

They state having “in-stock” dolls however, like all other scammers like them, they do not. They use dolls that are piled by the Chinese in a warehouse rented by Chinese cheap sex doll factories. Sites like still do not have any first-hand experience with their dolls. They just use the dolls stored in a warehouse somewhere in the US and the EU and sell them to you.

As always, I have sent them an email with questions for which I knew the answers.


I am so happy I found your website! I am really interested in this doll
and I have a few questions for you.

  1. Is this the original version?
  2. Can you ship to Florida?
  3. Could you please send me factory pictures of this doll?

Please let me know as soon as possible!


Is legit?
They replied 2 hours later. Amazingly good!

Hello Mark,

Thank you for reaching out to us and I hope that you are doing well.
Yes, that doll is an original version, and we do ship in Florida.
I have here attached a photo of the doll from a previous customer’s order.

Of course, they do not sell the original version. They sell a cheap copy. Second, this doll is illegal in Florida. If they ship you this particular doll there, you could get serious problems with justice. And third, they forgot to attach their photo from a previous customer’s order.

That’s fine by me. I know enough to know that, even if any picture they sent to me would resemble, I am not sure they would actually send me that doll and second, the quality will be terrible. If they would not leave me to believe that they are selling the original version and if they would not use stolen pictures and videos to sell me their junk, I would be OK with it.

In their “About Us” section, they state having started their business in 2010 however, their website was created at the end of 2019. A small 9 years omission but at this point, who is counting?

Is legit?

Their “WHY US” section leads us also to believe they do deal with the legit and authentic factory. Of course, it’s all hogwash, baloney.

Is legit?
Now in their “FAQ”, you can read this little gem:
Is legit?

Is legit?
If you look beside each of the dolls they list, you can see they name their own company as the manufacturer for the doll.

Is legit?

Now anyone knowing this industry a little knows that the red hair doll in the above picture is a WMdoll and is 157cm tall with a B cup. It is an extremely famous model and I can assure you at 100% that this is not a 161cm from the brand “Absolutesexdoll”. This is really the summum of all shamelessness and blatantly immoral.

My review
1 / 20 My Review
  • They have a nice website
  • Sell cheap counterfeit dolls
  • Use stolen pictures to market their content
  • No telephone number
  • Non existing physical address
  • No reviews
  • There is a lie once every 3 words
  • None of their spec are correct
Another one of these scammers. They all use the same method. Unfortunately, too many people get caught in their bullshit net.
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Is legit?
This vendor is: Scammers