Is legit? -Warning!

Is legit

Is legit? is the typical scammer.

They have homemade reviews on their pages. All their dolls have basically 5 stars and a ton of reviews however, you can never really get to read these reviews anywhere on their website.

A tip for you: When a website offers many different sizes to choose from for 1 model, it means they do not sell legit dolls. The doll in the pictures is a WM166cm C cup. They do not make the same model in different sizes. It is just not how it works.

Is legit?

Like all scammers, they use stolen pictures from legit factories to sell their cheap copies. They let you think you will buy a high-quality doll when in fact, you are buying a low-quality knock-off doll.

I have asked them these questions:

Can you please tell me if this is the original WMdoll?

Could you please send me factory pictures of this doll?
Can you ship to Florida?

Their reply was a masterwork of pointlessness.
See the screenshot below.

Is legit?

Is legit?

First, they do not reply to my simple question: Is the doll shown in the link I showed them a real WM doll? I ask because the pictures they showed are from WM. It is a WM 100cm D cup.

Second, the page they sent me only offers counterfeit dolls, as we can imagine.

Finally, they never replied to my factory pictures inquiry and neither to my Florida question and sent me information about how to buy from them.

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1.3 / 20 My Review
  • They are so stupid that it is almost funny
  • Use stolen pictures
  • Fake physical address
  • Liars
  • All their "reviews" are fake
  • Do not reply to all questions
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This vendor is: Scammers