Is legit?

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Is legit?

Is legit? was one of the very first scammers to exist on the web.

Like all websites of this kind, they stole every picture and every video that you can see on the website. The first sign of shady business: They let you believe that you will be profiting from a 40% discount. On top of that, they offer you a discount coupon that gives you a 20% price cut. Aren’t you lucky! You save 60% on the price of a 100% legit doll because you found the factory! Your clever ass found a way to skip the middle man.

No, you didn’t.

Is legit?

As I always say, if they wouldn’t still pictures from legit factories and lure you into thinking that you are buying the authentic version and you are paying less because you are “skipping the man in the middle”, I wouldn’t have any problem with it.

But this is not what they are doing.

Just like all these types of websites, they lead you to believe that THEY are the factory.

Is legit?

The truth is that they are using the exact same factory that all scammers are using. All of them claim to be a factory on their own, which is of course baloney.

This is a standard practice among the crooks. They want you to believe that they are a huge company and that you should not fear buying from them.

They don’t produce anything at all, except the shitload of bullcrap they write on their website.

Is legit?
Sites like still do not have any first-hand experience with their dolls. They know nothing about sex dolls. I wrote them an email with a few questions. I am always looking forward to a good laugh when I received a reply.

As always, I have sent them an email with questions for which I knew the answers.

Here is the email I sent them.
I am so happy I found your website! I am really interested in this doll and I have a few questions for you. 

1. Is this the original version?
2. Can I have gel breasts with this doll?
3. Could you please send me factory pictures of this doll?

Please let me know as soon as possible!


Is legit?
Their reply didn’t fail me.

Hi, Mark,
yes. the 158cm clarissa is orignal version and gel breast. please check our factory pictures by atttachment and start your purchase. thank you.

Buy from here:

Es Doll customer team

When you have some knowledge in the industry, you can only laugh when you read this type of answer.
First, they do not sell the original version. The doll on the picture I sent them is a 157cm B cup from WM doll, not a 158cm from ESdoll.

Second, they can not make gel breasts with this doll. The breasts are too small.

Third, they forgot to send me their factory pictures.

You can simply not trust this type of people. They steal, they copy, they sell counterfeit stuff, they lie. They are at the bottom of the ethic scale along with Canadian, Australian, French, and English politicians.

In their “About Us” section, I just read this little gem:

As an Original sex doll factory and More than 13 years of manufacturing experience. We own rich experience in design and manufacturing. And we have our own professional painters and model designers.


If they have their own designer, why the heck do they only sell cheap copies of well-known sex doll models?

To finish with, they offer you a tour of “their” factory.

Is legit?

Why in the world would they show a 3D drawing photoshopped with ESDOLL as a banner unless they are bullshitters? The last time I heard/read so much bullshit was when I inadvertently heard Canadian’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s speech on the radio. It is not nice. It gives me immediate intestine cramps.

Oh yeah, they never answered my calls, and their physical address is one of a commercial warehouse that offers its service to companies to store goods. In clear: They do not own their own warehouse.

My review
1 / 20 My Review
  • They are funny
  • Use stolen pictures to market their content
  • Sell cheap knock off dolls
  • They do not answer the phone
  • No third party review
  • None of their spec are correct
  • The physical address is useless
They are like hookers' pussies in windows of the red light district in Amsterdam: It looks good, it smells good, but you stay the fuck away.
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Is legit?
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