Is legit?

Is legit?

Here is my review

Is legit? You need to be careful.

They will probably sell you a legit doll however, I would not count on their full honesty to guide you through the process of buying a doll.

First. their website is full of bullshit gimmicks to pressure you to buy a doll.

They supposedly sold 2 to 5 dolls yesterday for every single model you lay your eye on, this means they sold over 1000 dolls yesterday only. 😂 Of course, this is total bullcrap. When a seller lies to market their dolls, why would they be honest with you when it’s time to give you the information you need? I just do not like what I see here.

They have tons of overwhelmingly good reviews. Because of the type of marketing I see on their website, I have serious doubt about the legitimacy of these reviews.

All the addresses they provide are virtual offices. They are totally useless.

They claim to have dolls in stock but in fact, they do not. They simply use the dolls stocked in the warehouses that big Chinese factories have rented out. For you, it means 2 things:

1) Your doll is not inspected before it is shipped to you.
2) They do not have first-hand experience with dolls. In fact, they might never have touched a sex doll in their lives

Is legit?

They still do not have any first-hand experience with their dolls. They just use the dolls stored in a warehouse somewhere in the US and sell them to you.

I have called them 2 times on the telephone number they give and they did not reply.

Is legit?

They are extremely deceptive in the way they give their prices for their dolls and you need to be extremely careful if you do not want to get scammed. As an example, the screenshot below is from a page selling the famous 166cm C cup from WM doll with head #266

They let you think that you can get this doll for $1349, which would be a real bargain. Well you can NOT.

is legit?

If you look closely, the $1349 price tag is if you buy a 85cm torso that has nothing to do with the picture set on the page. Worst, all the bodies they offer do not resemble this doll at all. They only have 1 tag stating AS IN PHOTO and if you are not paying attention, you will miss it.

This is not good business practice.

Is legit?

I have sent them an email with questions for which I knew the answers. Their reply just confirmed my doubts.

I have asked them these questions:


I am so happy I found your website! I am really interested in this doll and I have a few questions for you. 

1. Is this the original version?

2. Do you offer gel breasts for this doll?

3. What do you think about the moaning option?

4. What do you think about the body heating option?

Please let me know as soon as possible!


I received a reply 12 hours later. Their reply is like a bowl of warm water.
See below.

Hi Mark,

Thank you for contacting us and for your interest in our products.

Please elaborate what you mean by original version.

2. Depending on the cup size you order, yes, you can ask for the gel option. This is from the C cup and above, to do that you can leave a note for our factory when you place the order online. Also provided you are not selecting the full body heating feature.

In regards to point 3 & 4 it really comes down to one’s preference. More customers go for both when they order and others take the heating feature.

Kind Regards,
Rachelle I Customer Care

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Is legit?

I told them what model I am interested in. The appropriate reply is: No, your doll can not have the gel breasts option.

In regards to the body heating and the moaning option, I know both are not working well at all and serious companies decided to either not offer these options or offer them with a warning message to their customers.

The people over at do not seem to care. Not only they do not give any warning regarding the moaning and the body heating options but they suggest you buy both. Giving you the right information seems to come second after the desire to sell you something.

They asked me to elaborate on what I mean by “Original version”. I have replied: “Is it a WM doll?”
They didn’t reply to me.

Their ABOUT US section doesn’t say anything about them. It is just the usual crap about self bragging and telling us about their important humanitarian mission to give a sex doll to each family so that every single soul can live happy.

Is legit
My review
5 / 20 My Review
  • I am trying to find some positive points but it is difficult. Their website and their reply to the customer seem to have 1 unique goal: Deceive you.
  • Their reviews are overwhelmingly good. When I see how their business model is built, I have serious doubt about their legitimacy.
  • The prices displayed are incorrect
  • Give improper information when they reply to emails
  • Marketing based on deception
  • Do not reply when you call them.
The prices they show seem to be extremely cheap when you compare with legit vendors but are higher than pure scammers. So you might think: "Yayy! I finally found a vendor with reasonable prices!" I am afraid you have not. The prices they display are for another doll completely than the ones in the picture! They will probably sell you a legit doll but their whole business and marketing techniques are based on deception.
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Final Note

This vendor is: Maybe legit but be extremely careful