Is legit?

Is legit?

Is legit?
This website is to “legit” what Justin Trudeau is to democracy: Both words do not belong in the same sentence. The owner of this website is so shameless that he didn’t even bother to copy the right specs for the doll, they just used random measurements and added them to the website.

Take this doll for instance.

Is legit?

This doll is a very well known model from WM doll. It is a 166cm C cup model with head #266 and she is worth about $2000.

This website offers the exact same doll for $999.98, what a deal? Right?

No, unfortunately. Look at the measurements, they show 148cm. They didn’t even bother putting the right information to their page. They will just send you a cheap doll that will have very little to do with what you can see on the picture above.

They stole that picture from legit websites and they use it to bait you and sell you a piece of junk. There is basically not a single word that you can believe in their website. Everything is baloney. Everything is fake.

Read Tom’s experience in regards to cheap counterfeit dolls.

Is legit?
I always very much enjoy reading the About Us section that scammers put in place. 😅 The one they have on their website is totally useless, we don’t learn anything about them. What would a scammer like to tell you about himself? Their About Us page is basically a sales speech with some empty and dumb arguments that were translated to English using the Google Translation tool.

Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe.
Albert Einstein.

Well he could have added: “The shamelessness of online scammers.”

These thieves had the nerves to put this page online: “Tips To Identify Low Quality Sex Dolls“, it is funny how they warn against their own type of business:

Is legit?

😂😂😂 What a bunch of jackasses. Here is another one:

Is legit?

Warning people against your own type of business is the pinnacle of stupidity. I fail to understand how a business owner, stealing pictures from legit sex dolls vendors and selling cheap counterfeit dolls thinks that putting up a page like that can help them.

Of course, they do not have in-stock dolls.

Is legit?

They are just using warehouses that Chinese counterfeiters are renting to stock their dolls. They most probably never even had contact with one single sex doll in their life.

Is legit?

As if it were not enough, I decided to push the investigation further more and looked at their “customers reviews”.

They have no third party review software and all the comments are added to the website directly by the owner. Judging by the broken English used in all the “reviews”, I have the feeling that the owner of this website used the Google Translation tool to write a couple of bogus reviews.

Is legit?

All of their reviews are a 1 line sentence praising how realistic the doll is and how fantastic the website is. Now compare with real reviews that were written by real customers and see the difference:

Is legit?

These are how real reviews look like. People actually talk about their dolls and they are precise. Sometimes things go wrong and they tell you about it. They explain how the problem was or was not resolved.

Learning how to recognize fake reviews will help you a lot in the process if choosing a good vendor.

Is legit?
As always, I have sent them an email with a few questions to test their knowledge, their honesty and their responsiveness.


Is this the original model?

If I buy today, when will I receive the doll?

Do you have factory pictures of her?


They replied to me 3 days later.

“Dear customer,
Thank you for contacting us. Usually it will be delivered in 5-7 days.

Please refer to the factory pictures of her”

Is legit?
They didn’t reply about the “original model”. Of course they didn’t. It is a cheap counterfeit dolls. They did send me factory pictures though. At least time, the doll is resembling the original model a little. That is if they really send you this one.

Only the body is not the same, the breasts are different. The head is not as detailed as the original one. By experience, I know the butt will be very far from the original one, it will look terrible. On top of that, they will be heavier, the smell will be terrible, the skeleton will break quicker and the skin will tear faster.

is legit?

This is the original model.

is legit?
My review
0.5 / 20 My Review
  • The 0.5% is for the effort of making a website
  • They sell cheap counterfeit dolls
  • Do not answer phone calls
  • No physical address
  • The website is filled with BS information
  • Do not really have in-stock dolls
  • Don't reply to emails
Don't waste your time for even 1 second on this type of website.
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Is legit?
This vendor is: Scammer!