Is legit?

Is legit?

Is legit? is run by sophisticated scammers. When looking at their website, you really get the feeling they might be legit. Their prices are low, but not that low, what if you found the real factory and you can finally skip the middle man?

Do not kid yourself, just like all other scammers, they use stolen pictures from legit factories to sell their cheap copies. They let you think you will buy a high-quality doll when in fact, you are buying a low-quality knock-off doll.

Not only are they selling the same type of crap that all other scammers are selling, but they are selling them to you at a high price. Have a look at the picture below:

Is legit?

Is legit?
When analyzing it closely, you see that they offer many different sizes for that model. This is not possible. All big and legit brands have 1 size only for each model. 1 mold, 1 size. This is not changeable. So not only do they offer many sizes but the closest size to the authentic one (which is a WM157cm B cup), but they sell it for $1023.00 while other scammers sell the same one for $799.

Another matter I which you to notice: Look at the way they show their price for this doll:
$2046 $1043 Save 50% This lets you think that you are indeed looking at the authentic model sold by legit sex dolls vendors for about $1899 – $2000. Clever isn’t it?

You need to stay away from that type of website, they are really the worst type. Their customer service will be fast, fantastic even… until you paid. Once they have your money, it’s over.

Chinese counterfeiters have rented warehouses in the US and the EU and are storing them there for fast shipping. That may be tempting but again, would you really like to buy from a company that?

Is legit?

I have asked them these questions:

I would like to purchase a doll from you but I have a few questions: 

1. Can you please tell me if this is the original WMdoll?
2. Do you offer gel breasts for this doll?
3. Could you please send me factory pictures of this doll?

I am VERY interested in buying her.

The reply arrived 10 hours later and was surprisingly OK. See below.

Hi Mark,

Sorry for the late reply and thanks for your interest in our dolls.

She is not a WM doll. For factory pictures, please see the attached.

Gel breasts are not available at the local warehouse. If you need it, we could send the doll from China. Now the doll at the local warehouse is made with solid breasts.

Best wishes

Is legit?
The picture they sent shows clearly that it is a counterfeit doll. If they would not let people think they are buying a high quality $2000 sex doll with a 50% reduction, if they would not use WMdoll’s marketing content to sell their cheap copies, I would not say a word. It is the whole dodgy, opaque marketing strategy that I despise and that needs to be denounced.

Is legit?

They do have a phone number but it is a Chinese one. Now good luck getting customer service when you will realize you didn’t receive an original doll or that it smells like an old diesel truck or that the skeleton is too stiff or the skin cracks after 2 uses.

These are all issues you can face when you deal with cheap counterfeit dolls. On top of that, they can be dangerous, as reported in this article.

My review
4.7 / 20 My Review
  • They didn't lie when I asked if the doll was an authentic one.
  • Use stolen pictures
  • No telephone number
  • No physical address
  • Opaque business strategy
  • All their "reviews" are fake
I give them 2 points. I just do not like the dodgy way to market their content with stolen material letting you think that you are buying a high quality doll at a great price.
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Is legit?
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