Is legit?

is nakedoll legit ?

Is legit ? Here is my review. is currently buying a lot of publicity from Google ad. Unfortunately, many unaware customers will get caught. They are about as legit as Justin Trudeau talking about democracy and free speech.

Just like all scammers, they use stolen pictures from legit factories to sell cheap counterfeit dolls. Not only their prices make no sense but the information they give is completely incorrect. As an example, take this picture:

is nakedoll legit ?

This doll is a really famous 166cm C cup from WM. It is not a 165cm and there are not many different heights to choose from. By the way, a website offering different height selections for one model is ALWAYS a big red light. Legit Chinese factory make only 1 mould for each of their models. It is 1 model and the dimensions like height and boob size are not customizable

Their “about us” section is a shameless piece of lies that would make any politician look like a beginner in the matter. They dare to warn people against low-quality dolls and assure that you will get the same doll as you see in the image. 😂😂

First, they actually ARE selling low-grade quality counterfeit dolls, second, customers definitely need to be worried doing business with them because you will NOT receive the same doll as advertised and third, their unbeatable prices come only from the fact that they copies the work from others and that they are producing extremely cheaply made sex dolls.

Is legit ?

Here is another example of their innaccuracy and lie:

is legit?

This is actually a 108cm L cup doll from WM.

is legit?

The counterfeit that they are selling is known to be very dangerous. Some people have nearly cut their bamboo because of a piece of sharp metal was sticking out at the end of the vagina.

As if if was not enough, they have no phone number, no address, no reviews and they are located in China. There are more red lights flashing here than on a Christmas tree.

I have sent them an email faking to be a customer and I asked thm a few questions. I am still waiting for an answer.

Is legit ?

No! Scammers alert!


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  • Almost funny
  • Use stolen pictures
  • Unaccurate information
  • Pages filled with lies
  • No 3rd party reviews
  • No telephone number
  • No physical address
Stay safe, go with another vendor.
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