Is legit?

Here is my review

Is legit?

Well there is another new player in the large universe of scammers! Let’s give a warm welcome to 👏

It is always the same story with these type of websites: They use stolen promotion content from legit brands to sell their cheap counterfeit dolls. Unfortunately, many people buy from them every single day thinking that they made a good deal.

Ah! Ah! I skipped the man in the middle and saved $1000, yahoo!

You didn’t my dude. You just got scammed and your problems are just beginning. Let’s take this picture:

Is legit?

The authentic version of these dolls are worth between $1800 and $2100. You will never ever find the original version at that price. Even a legit vendor’s cost for these dolls is much higher than the price you can see on the pictures.

There is no secret in this industry and there are no magic tricks to save money. Either you buy and authentic model or you buy a cheap copy. Unlike what scammers would like you to believe, there is no third option.

These Chinese scammers are totally shameless. Lying is a second nature for them. Have a look at their “Why Choose Rose Wives?” page:

Is legit?
Is legit?

So they opened the oversea market in 2018 but their website was created a few days before 2022 as you can see in the screenshot below.

Is legit?

We can seriously doubt that any of what they state on their “Why Choose Rose” page is true.

Their Contact Us page has no phone number and no address. Good luck when you will have issues with them. This site is obviously ran by Chinese.

Read Tom’s experience in regard to cheap counterfeit dolls.

Is legit?
As always, I have sent them an email with a few questions to test their knowledge, their honesty and their responsiveness.


May I ask what brand is this doll and do you have her available to ship in the US?

I’d also appreciate if you’d have factory pictures.


Is legit?
They replied to my email about 10 minutes later. That was quick!

“Dear Mark,

Thanks for reaching out.
The product art photo is from another brand, but it was manufactured by SY Doll here.

And here are the factory photos:

counterfeit doll

Frankly, the reply is more honest than what I used to get and the doll looks better than what I imagined however, it is not the original brand, the body, breasts and face are different, the build quality is different, the skin is cheaper and the skeleton is not as sturdy and it is heavier than the authentic one. How do I know? Because I bought one of these piece of crap.

Why do they keep stealing other’s people copyrighted content to sell their cheap dolls? Why do they keep copying other’s people work? They could develop their own product and contribute to the sex doll universe instead of living like a parasite from other people’s work.

Ethically, it is really questionable. I am not sure you wish to send your money to that type of business.

My review
2 / 20 My Review
  • Some of their dolls MAY be authentic
  • They sell cheap counterfeit dolls
  • Do not answer phone calls
  • No physical address
  • Many lies were found
  • Do not have in-stock dolls
  • Dishonest email reply
Too dodgy! There are enough westerners good and legit vendors, stick with them.
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This vendor is: Scammer!