Is legit?

UPDATED Feb 2024


Is legit?

They do not pay their affiliates. I have been sending that crook a lots of sales for the last 2 years and now that I ask to get paid, he is ignoring all my emails. I wrote them 3 times and gave them 1 month to reply.

If he can not even pay a few dollars to his affiliates for sending him customers, what is he going to do with you if you have trouble with your doll?


Is legit?

Is legit? is one of the oldest websites selling sex dolls on the internet.

After all these years, there are not much feedbacks on them, which is kind of odd.

They had a third-party review plugin that they were using however, they removed all the reviews. This is definitely a red flag. When I look at the way they operate their business, I have the feeling that they have a dying business.

Is legit?

Their shop is uniquely virtual. They do not have any real shop. They are 100% drop shippers. This means that they may even never have seen a sexdoll in their life. In clear, they are selling you a product that they know nothing about.

I wrote them an email and they replied to my email 18 hours later, which is quite long and they didn’t even answer all my questions.

On the other hand, I have called them, they replied and their answer was satisfactory.

!But the main issue is the following!

Is legit?
Most of all, I have been sending them free traffic, recommending them for 2 years now and never asked for a payment. They now owe me about $2000 so I thought it was about time they pay me. I wrote them 3 times.

This is a screenshot of the referral that I havce sent their way

Is legit?

This is a screenshot of the money they paid to me: $0.00

Is legit?

This is a screenshot of the email that I have sent to them.

Is legit?

Things that make you go uhmmm…
After the last email, I gave them another 3 weeks to reply until today. We are February 15th 2024, still no answer from them. In the meantime, I have sent them an email posing as a customer and they replied 24 hours later.

Is legit?

They are simply ignoring me because they do not want to pay me. Now I am not too sure why you should trust them with your money. Nothing indicates me that they will help you should you need after sale customer service.

Have a look here to find out what is my review method and a list a recommended vendors. Here is a list of vendors to avoid

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4 / 20 My Review
  • Established vendor
  • No physical address
  • No third party reviews
  • Do not pay his affiliates
  • Questions not fully replied by email
If they can't even pay the affiliates recommending them, they will surely not help you should you have issues after you bought from them. Stay away!
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This vendor is: Avoid this vendor