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Here is my review:

Is legit?
There are new scammers poping up every single week and I just can’t keep up adding them to this website. This one is particularly funny because not only are they selling cheap counterfeit dolls using stolen pictures but they also copied their design from a well known sexdoll vendor.

The original design is this one:

is legit?

This is the
is legit?

It is basically the exact same design. Their models/dolls page is also exactly the same. I am not too sure how can a web owner think that people will trust his business when hos very first move is to copy the work of a concurent.

Have a look at a very popular “Chinese sex doll” they have for sale for only $914.30!!!! What a deal!

is legit?

The truth is that this is a 140cm doll from the brand WM and she is almost $2000 worth.

is legit?

They use stolen pictures, they don’t even show the correct measurements to sell you a cheap piece of junk that will not even resemble the one on the official pictures.

Read Tom’s experience in regards to cheap counterfeit dolls.

Absolutely everything on their website is fake. Their reviews are hosted on their own pages which means nobody could authenticate them. Some are obviously total baloney while others have probably been written by a professional blogger hired to write fake reviews.

Is legit?
I always very much enjoy reading the About Us section that scammers put in place. πŸ˜…

Their “USA office” address points to a condominium that was for sale lately.

is legit?

Here is the REDFIN ad for this condominium. Look at the address. πŸ˜‚

is legit?

I almost felt asleep while reading their ABOUT US section.

“SoSexDoll is fastest Growing Realistic Sex Doll Retailer and Wholesaler Who Has Already Gained Substantial Marketshare And Trust Among the Sex Doll Industry”


“We believe that every person on earth deserves to experience realistic sexual experiences and pleasure regardless of having a real partner. By owning a So Sex Dolls”


“SOSEXDOLL is focused on wholesaling and retailing high-quality brands of real sex dolls for buyers, SOSEXDOLL cooperates with many sex doll manufacturers and has been certified by many real sex doll brands including WM DOLL and YL DOLL, the most famous sex doll brands. we want to keep a long cooperation relationship with you, if you want to be our wholesaler, please don’t hesitate to send an email to us.”


They all write the same freaking type of text. Hey scammers! Can’t you at least try to get a small piece of text out of your own head for once instead of copying what other scammers write?

Of course, they do not have in-stock dolls.

is legit?

They are just using warehouses that Chinese counterfeiters are renting to stock their dolls. They most probably never even had contact with one single sex doll in their life. Read this article for more information on this particular technique.

Is legit?
As always, I have sent them an email with a few questions to test their knowledge, their honesty and their responsiveness.


I have been looking to buy this WMdoll for a very long time!

You have got very reasonable prices. Could you do gel breasts on that one?
Do you have her on stock for a quick delivery? I live in Texas.


They replied to me 24 days later. I have to say that they were at least honest with the fact that their doll is not an authentic WM.

“Hi Mark,

This doll is not WM Doll, the link of WM Doll is

We have another doll is in stock, but it’s breasts are solid.

Please check the factory photo “

is legit?

Is legit?
To tell you the truth, I don’t understand shit. I asked about a doll and they refer me to 2 completely different dolls in their reply. WTF?

So they admit that the doll in their page is not the original WM one. Why the heck are they using that picture set to sell another doll? The doll on the picture they sent me is completely different. Although the head is similar, the wig is different, the body is different, the boobs are different, the butt and labia are surely different as well.

What is it in the fact that people wish buy the doll that they see in the promotion pictures that they don’t understand?

Is legit?
They didn’t reply about the gel breasts question

As if it was not enough, they are also selling dolls that are illegal in most countries. If you buy them, you are going straight to jail on top if having your repuation destroyed.

My review
0.5 / 20 My Review
  • They did a good job in copying someone else's design πŸ‘
  • They sell cheap counterfeit dolls
  • Do not answer phone calls
  • Their physical address is an apartement
  • The website is filled with BS information
  • Do not really have in-stock dolls
  • Their email reply is unsatisfying.
There are enough legit websites out there, be cleaver with your hard earned money.
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Is legit?
This vendor is: Scammer!