Is legit?

Here is my review.

is legit?

is legit? are undoubtedly scammers. They write without any shame on the top of their main page:
“100% authentic”
“Lowest price in the industry”

Both are lies. How do I know? Luckily for us, they show some of their factory pictures, you can see easily recognize cheap counterfeit dolls + informed people will immediately notice that none of their dolls are produced in the authentic factory.

is legit?
So not only do they sell knock-off dolls but they are the most expensive counterfeit dolls seller ever! If ever you are willingly looking for a counterfeit doll, other scammers will sell them for $400 cheaper.

As an example, The one with the grey hoodie is a very well known WMdoll model. The authentic one is worth around $2000. There is no way they can offer you the authentic version at this price. Even the factory building this doll does not offer it at this price.

is legit?

They do not have third-party reviews. They have some reviews that look as fake as their dolls.

is legit?

Just like all scammers, they use stolen pictures from legit factories to sell their cheap copies. They let you think you will buy a high-quality doll when in fact, you are buying a low-quality knock-off doll.

Here is something positive about them: They are actual humorists! They sell cheap sex dolls copies and, simultaneously, they have an intellectual property right warning page. 😂

Another example, here is a WMdoll 170cm H cup that they offer for sale:

is legit?

They offer her as a no brand 170cm doll. They stole the pictures from WM and the doll they will send you if you buy this one as very little to do with the actual pictures, as you will see below.

is legit?

And they will do that with no bad conscience or any shame at all. They will tell you that it is normal you think she does not looke very similar and that the makeup makes a big difference.

is legit?

I have sent them this email.


I would like to purchase a doll from you but I have a few questions: 
Can you please tell me if this is the original WMdoll?
Do you ship to Florida?

Could you please send me factory pictures of this doll?
I am VERY interested in buying her.


I received a reply 1 day later:

Thank you for your contact. We are confirming with the logistics company whether it can be shipped to your country. We will ask the factory to provide Factory picture, please wait a moment.
Best wishes

That sounded pretty promising!
And then they replied this:

Hi! Mark

Good day
We have confirmed with the logistics company that it can be shipped to your area. The factory takes 6-8 working days to produce the dolls, and the delivery takes about 10-15 days.

We are confirming with the factory whether there is a factory drawing, if we receive it, we will send it to you immediately. Please wait a moment.

Best wishes

3 days and 2 replies later, they still didn’t reply to my WM doll brand question and to my factory pictures one.

My review
0.5 / 20 My Review
  • I had a good laugh after seeing their "Intellectual property copyright" warning
  • Use stolen pictures
  • No telephone number
  • No physical address
  • Liars
  • All their "reviews" are fake
  • They do not reply to emails
I give them 0.5 points out of 20 because I had a good laugh while surfing their website.
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is legit?
This vendor is: Scammers