Is legit?

Is legit?

Is legit?

The people behind are extremely shady

The main problem with these people is that they try to let you think that THEY are the real WMdoll factory and all other people are their resellers, including the Chinese 😂. Yep! You know it now, WMdoll is in fact a Canadian company that has a factory in China. You know, globalization.

Here is how they mislead their customer:

Is legit?
They are not a division of WMdoll, they are a simple reseller.

On the forum they created, they speak as if they were the official WMdoll speaker of their Canadian division. It is total baloney. They may or may not sell you an authentic doll, I am not sure, the main questions is: How can you trust people like that? How can you trust them with 1000’s of dollars when they can’t even be honest about what they are? They are simply a reseller.

On this screenshot, they created a bogus list of “un-authorized” WMdoll vendors which is in fact a list created uniquely to unfairly smear their competitors.
Is legit?

Is legit?

I have asked them this question:

Can you ship this doll to Florida?

They replied this.
We ship all the work, extra delivery to Florida need to add $100 CAD

There is a big issue: This doll is illegal in Florida.
If they ship, it is going to be ceased by the customs.

Is legit?
They took 2 days to answer and give me false information. I mean, really? 2 days to reply a few lines of poppycock? Let’s say I buy from them and I need to ask them about the status of my purchase? How long will it take to get a reply and can I trust the answer they will give me?

You thought that was it? I am far from being finished. They present you with their own line of dolls: In their forum, they explained that they developed their own line of products, blah, blah, blah.

Again, we are very far from reality. The truth is, they are resellers of a brand called Firedoll which is specialized in making extremely cheap copies of WM dolls.

They sell cheap counterfeit copies if WM dolls, they hide the fact that it is in fact Firedoll that produces them and they state having developed a new line of dolls.

This is their GoMdoll website.

Is legit?

This is the Firedoll official website.

Is legit?

Is legit?
Let me summary how clownish and dishonest these people are:

1. They lie and they claim being THE Canadian branch of WM doll when in fact, they are a simple reseller.
2. They lie and they claim to have developed their own line of dolls: Gomdoll
3. In fact they are a simple reseller of a brand that is selling cheap copies of WM dolls.

Isn’t it fantastic? A Canadian WMdoll division selling cheap counterfeit copies of WMdolls? 😂
Some people are just shameless beyond imagination. review
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They seem to be incapable of any type of honesty. There are many good sex dolls vendors out there. They are not one of them.
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