Is legit?

Is legit

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Is legit?

Zlovedoll is as legit as the Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau lecturing about democracy: Zero legitimacy.

A bunch of their dolls is illegal in most countries. Be extremely careful. It is not because a website offers a particular model that it means it is legal to own. They sell WM dolls at ridiculous prices, which is the very first hint that they sell counterfeit dolls.

All the dolls in the screenshot below are around $2000 worth on the market. If you buy one of these below, you will NOT get the doll they advertise using stolen content. You will get a cheap knock off doll that may not resemble at all the doll you wish to buy and will be extremely cheaply made with low quality material, it will be heavy, it will smell bad and it will break quickly.

Read Tom’s experience in regard to cheap counterfeit dolls.

Is legit?
No need to say that they do not sell any authentic WM or Piper dolls. The only authentic thing about them is their crap.

I just read their ABOUT US section. I really wonder how can people behind this website be that dishonest and feel good about themselves. I really feel for people that will fall for their bullshit.

is legit?

Zlovedoll has not achieved anything else than building a website selling cheap counterfeit sex dolls copies from famous brands, steal their promotion content to promote their crap and then lie about the whole thing.

The are the exact same as all other websites in this list. Nothing different. Just like all other small scammers trying to play it big, they do as if they had built warehouse everywhere in the world to ensure you a quick delivery.

is legit?

They have not built anything anywhere. They are just using warehouses that Chinese scammers are renting to stock their dolls. This allows small scammers to do as if they really had a stock of dolls that belongs to them for a quick delivery. They do not. They most probably never even had contact with one single sex doll in their life.

Is legit?
As always, I have sent them an email with a few questions to test their knowledge, their honesty and their responsiveness.


I am just about to buy this doll:

Can you please confirm this is an authentic WM doll?


Is legit?
They never replied to my email.

I took a look a their business address on Google map, it is a warehouse renting storage places. They state being in the Suite B of the building. I never found it.

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  • This is me making an effort to find something positive
  • They sell cheap counterfeit dolls
  • Do not answer the phone
  • Non existing physical address
  • Sells counterfeit dolls
  • Use stolen content to sell cheap counterfeit dolls
Stay far away from that type of website.
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This vendor is: Scammer!