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Is legit?

If you are looking for trouble, buy from them.

Honestly, I don’t even understand why people are asking me if this website is legit. Their dolls are underpriced, the text on their website has been Google-translated directly from Mandarin to a suspicious new-Englishy type of language, their only contact is a phone number in China and you sometimes have to write them to get a quote for a doll.

I mean, really, guys? Do you really like problems that much? You have TONS of sex dolls vendors and you are asking me about this one? They do not even offer the same options as the authentic factory is offering.

Their “About Us” section is tasteless and odorless. We are the best blah, blah, blah. We have the best dolls for the best prices Zzzzz. We are an authorized seller… yeah sure.

If you wish to buy a sex doll and are serious about it, scrap this site from your list and use a legit vendor. It will spare you lots of curses, frustrations, and problems.

My review
As always, I have sent them an email wit a few questions. The page I was referring to was a little questioning because while all of their dolls have a price, this one didn’t. None of their WM dolls do. Now that is strange, isn it?

Jasmine – WM 163cm H cup European Face Full TPE Sex Doll –
A few questions:
How much is this doll? Is it an authentic? Do you have factory pictures of her? Are there options with her?

They replied me 3 days later. The price is $1999 which is a legit and regular price, contrasting with their other prices. The pictures their sent me were really from the WM factory and the options they offered me are really WM’s options.

So why the mystery? Why the “ask for a quote” instead of simply and transparently showing the price to their customers? It doesn’t smell good.

My review
I just read a very funny section on their website. It is called “Dropshipping” Here is what they say:

Drop-shipping is a business system whereby:

You sell products on your website or shop;

Once a sale is made, you order from us;
We send the product directly to your customer;
We handles the order and you keep the margin between your sale price and the online price shown on our website.

To sum up: you sell, we ship! You can rely on us to take care of everything for you.

They are absolutely right about the dropshipping business, this is exactly how it works and this is also why it is a big problem for sex dolls buyers: You are buying a product from an amateur that has never had any experience whatsoever with the products they sell.

But here is what cracks me up: The people are actually dropshippers! So you’ve got dropshippers trying to convince people to dropship from them. This is absolutely fantastic 👌😂

There is a piece of information I read on their shipping page that tells a lot. See the picture below:

No legit dolls are shipped 8-10 days after the order. A WM doll will be ready to ship after 20-25 days. So either you’ve got a big fat lie here OR you got someone selling cheap copies. Either way, you will not be the winner in this transaction.

I just found another big fat lie. On their ABOUT page, they write this:

My review
In the above screenshot, they specify that they are a supplier for manufacturers. And then they name many well-known brands.

I can tell you with 100% certainty that they do not manufacture any dolls for big well known factories. WM, YL, Irontech, Piper, etc. do not buy from a third party factory. They produce their own dolls.

The only truth here is that they are big fat liars that you can not trust. If you ended up on this page reading if this website is legit or not, it means you are a perfect candidate to be scammed. My advice: Do A LOT of research before you buy your doll. You are clearly not ready to plunge now.

My review
2 / 20 My Review
  • They may sell legit dolls
  • They may sell cheap counterfeit dolls
  • Chinese phone number
  • Non existing physical address
  • A few lies were found
  • Do not have a transparent pricing policy
Too dodgy! There are enough westerners good and legit vendors, stick with them.
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This vendor is: Be extremely careful