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Here is my review. is an established vendor with an OK reputation. They claim to have appeared in many well-known media articles however, no links are provided.

They do have third-party reviews that are hosted on the review website itself and the comments are all very good.

Their shop is uniquely virtual. They do not have any physical addresses. Although they claim to have in-stock dolls, they seem to always be sold-out.

They replied to my first email after a few minutes. I was very impressed until I read the email. It was a bot sending a canned email with a reply that was not at all what I was looking for. They replied to my second email after 18 hours. This time, the reply was complete and satisfying.

I called 2 times and hit the answering machine on both my attempts.

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My Review
13 / 20 My Review
  • Established Vendor
  • Lots of positive 3rd party reviews
  • Honest answers to questions
  • They offer a 4 payments plan with Klarna for US customers if you are on a budget
  • Using bot to reply to emails
  • They carry brand new companies with no prior feedbacks
  • I have read many customers complaining regarding their after-sale customer service. They pretty much felt they were left on their own
If you find your favorite doll with them, they will get you an authentic doll without a doubt. You may also want to use their 4 payments plan if you are a US citizen on a budget. I have read mitigated customer's comments about their after-sale customer service.
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This vendor is: Legit vendor