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Here is my review. is a well-designed website with effective search features.

There are not much feedbacks on them, which is not a bad thing. You hear no outstanding comments but you hear no bad reviews either.

They now have a third party review software and, from what I can see, they do not filter the comments, which is definitely a good thing.

They claim to have sex dolls “In-stock” which they do not. Like 99% of all the sexdolls resellers, they use the stock that Chinese factories have rented in the US and in the EU to stock their dolls. The dolls will be cheaper and arrive indeed quickly however, keep in mind that they can not be inspected nor customized before they ship it to you. That is simply because they do not have access to the dolls that they are selling.

My review!

Their shop is uniquely virtual. The address they show is the one of a shelf company, which is totally useless for customers.

They replied to my email 2 days later and the reply was complete and accurate.

Based on their reply to my questions, I think these people are honest. If you found your dream doll on this website, they will get her for you, however, do not expect top-notch customer service.

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My review
15 / 20 My Review
  • Good looking website design
  • Good search engine
  • Honest answers to questions
  • Third party Reviews
  • Do not reply quickly to messages
  • Their verbiage lets you think they are the manufacturers. They are not. I personally do not appreciate this type of marketing. They are a reseller, they are not in full control, and letting you think otherwise is not correct.
They seem to me like the average sex dolls vendors. They will get you the doll you want but do not have too high expectations.
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