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Here is my review. is one of the oldest websites selling sex dolls on the internet.

There are not much feedbacks on them, which is not a bad thing. You hear no outstanding comments but you hear no bad reviews as well.

They seem to have a third-party review plugin although I am not sure and there are very few reviews there.
They did answer my phone call and their replies were accurate and satisfactory.

My review!

Their shop is uniquely virtual.
They replied to my email the morning after, about 18 hours later and they didn’t answer all my questions.

Overall, they will sell you the doll you would like to have, I have the feeling they are honest but either very busy or not very well organized.

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My review
16.5 / 20 My Review
  • Established vendor
  • Honest answers to questions
  • No physical address
If you found your dream doll on this website, you can buy without fear. They will not scam you.
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