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Here is my review. Is a website that is specialized in male and shemale sex dolls. Their website design is pure, very pleasant to look at, and, unlike many other websites, easy to navigate and to understand.

There are not many male dolls in the market however, spartan lover seems to carry them all. They have a very nice selection of male dolls and you will surely find the one for you.

They do have a third-party review and some of the reviews are available on their website and some are available on Trust pilot. When looking at their reviews, you can immediately see that they do not filter anything. If you want to see what real reviews look like, have a look at theirs. review!

They do not seem to have a real shop and the address they show is a PO box.

They replied to my questions within 4 hours on a Sunday, which is very good however, they reply was not satisfactory. They sent me canned replies with very general information.

To the question:
What do you think about the WM body heating option?

They replied:
The heating element is wrapped around the skeleton. You plug it into the wall outlet using a cord that connects behind the doll's neck. This heats the doll to the human's body temperature

Which is a crap answer. First, I asked them what they think about the heating, not what it is. Second, I know this option does not work well at all. I would have liked them to let me know instead of sending me a canned reply.

If this is the place where you found your doll, I have no doubt they will sell you an authentic one. I have the feeling the customer service may be a bit frustrating but I may be completely wrong. Their reviews are generally very, very good.

Have a look here to find out what is my review method.

My review! review
14 / 20 My Review
  • Nice and easy to navigate website
  • Fast reply from customer service
  • Carry and sell legit brands
  • Very weak reply from the customer service
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