Here is my review. is probably one of the only legit vendors claiming to be able to ship to Mexico.
All others either refuse or do it at your own risk. They may have some contacts, know the law better, I do not know exactly however, if you live in Mexico, contacting them to buy a sex doll is surely your best bet.

I, unfortunately, do not have any feedback from Mexicans buying from them. If you are one, I’d love to hear from you. You can contact me here

They do not have any third-party reviews which is a shame. Although many use fake reviews, a legit website should be able to show reviews from their customers.

Their shop is uniquely virtual. They do not have any physical addresses.

The reply to my first email was fast but they didn’t reply to all my questions and the second reply came 48 hours later.

They did not reply to my 2 phone calls but they called me back for the last one and their reply was satisfying.

I knew the answer to the questions I asked and I was not fully satisfied with their reply.
Here is an example:

What do you think about the WMdoll heating system?

Apologies for the late reply.
The heating systems do have a habit of breaking down over time, so are rarely guaranteed.
And they bring the heated areas, up to body temperature.
So rather than making them feel warm, they just do not feel cold.
So many people will use an electric throw to warm the doll before bed.

I would have liked to read that the system takes forever to heat. I would also have liked to be informed that the heating system does not heat all the body, it does not heat the boobs, nor the vagina, nor the butt.

Have a look here to find out what is my review method

My review!

My mexico.the-doll-housereview
15 / 20 My Review
  • Established Vendor
  • Informative website
  • Honest answers to questions
  • Eye hurting website
  • Incomplete answers
If you live in Mexico and wish to buy a doll, these guys state they can get it for you. I'd trust them with that. The merit here lies only in the fact that they are an established website.
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This vendor is: Legit vendor