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wmdoll.ca review

Here is my wmdoll.ca review.

The people behind wmdoll.ca are extremely shady

The main problem with these people is that they try to let you think that THEY are the real WMdoll factory and all other people are their resellers, including the Chinese 😂. Yep! You know it now, WMdoll is in fact a Canadian company, and all their dolls are produced in Canada.

Here is how they mislead their customer:

wmdoll.ca review
They are not a division of WMdoll, they are a simple reseller.

On the forum they created, they speak as if they were the official WMdoll speaker of their Canadian division. On this screenshot, they created a bogus list of “un-authorized” WMdoll vendors which is in fact a list created uniquely to unfairly smear their competitors.
wmdoll.ca review

My wmdoll.ca review
Another shady business they do, although they claim to be the Canadian WMdoll division, they sell a brand called Firedoll, however, they call it their “own brand” GoMDoll. Resolutely, all of China seems to belong to them 😂

So they are selling Firedoll, which are illegal cheap copies of the WMdoll brand. That is just beyond anything anyone could think:

1. They lie and claim they ARE WMdoll.
2. Their sister site sells cheap WMdoll copies.
3. They claim they are producing these cheap counterfeit but in fact, it is another Chinese company that does.

On this link here, they claim that an authentic WMdoll is a counterfeit. They have a big problem: the pictures were taken in the Chinese WMdoll factory, and everyone knowing the factory knows this. They seriously claim that the doll is not an authentic one.

In clear, these people are clowns.

I have asked them this question:

Can you ship this doll to Florida?

They replied this.
We ship all the work, extra delivery to Florida need to add $100 CAD

There is a big issue: This doll is illegal in Florida.
If they ship, it is going to be ceased by the customs.

They took 2 days to answer and give me false information.

wmdoll.ca review
5 / 20 My Review
They seem to be incapable of any type of honesty. There are many good sex dolls vendors out there. They are not one of them.
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This vendor is: Scammers